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About Me

I am a 2nd year graduate stuent at Rice University pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering. My research interests are in wireless technologies and my faculty advisor is Dr. Joseph Cavallaro. My C.V. is available below:

Chance's CV

Undergraduate Education

I attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana from 2010 through 2014 and completed the following degrees:
  • Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelors of Science majoring in Mathematics

Graduate Coursework

  • ELEC 544, Advanced DSP, Dr. Sidney Burrus
  • ELEC 516, Analog Circuit Design, Dr. Aydin Babakhan
  • CAAM 560, Optimization Theory, Dr. Richard Tapia
  • ELEC 522, Adv VLSI Design, Dr Joe Cavallaro
  • ELEC 541, Error Correcting Code, Dr. Ashu Sabharwal

Digital PreDistortion

I am currently implementing a digital predistortion (DPD) algorithm in the FPGA fabric of the WARPv3 board.

Group Meeting Presentations

Slides for things I'm teaching


On this page, you will find information about various non-research projects that I have worked on in and out of school.

4x4 Linear Systems Solver

This project was the final project in the ELEC 544 class taught by Dr. Joseph Cavallaro. It incoroprated the previous class projects to solve a linear system. This features using CORDIC arithmetic to do QR decomposition.

Digital Design Final Project

250 Watt Linear Power Amplifier for HF Amateur Radio

This power amplifier was completed as a Senior Design Project at Louisisana Tech University in 2010. This project consisted of the design, fabrication, and analysis of a broadband power amplifier for amateur radio applications. The design operated between the 160 m and 10 m amateur radio bands with a maximum amplification of 12 dB. This project required a strong knowledge of analog electronic operation at RF frequencies.

How to Reach me

My basic contact information is available here. I can be reached any time by email and phone. I'm also available via Google Hangouts. If you'd like to follow me on any of the traditional social media outlets, click on any using the links shown.

At Rice

My office is in Duncan Hall 3041

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